Is Mr. Music Okay?

I needed a project to stop from doomscrolling, so next year’s Halloween costume idea got bumped up to “let’s make this in 2020 anyways”.  I need a quality fake moustache yet, but et voila:

Anatomy of a Mr Music costume I had better get to wear to Actual Halloween Parties in 2021, should you want to make one post-quarantine:

  • Jacket: This was surprisingly easy!  This is a Ro Rox Men’s Parade Jacket Gothic Tailcoat in black
  • Xylophone bits: you could totally get a bunch of colored felt at Michael’s in the correct colors for under $20 bucks.  However, if you’re insane like me and want to affix 2 pounds of medal to your jacket, you will need two of these from Amazon.  They are surprisingly easy to dismantle if you have a decent pair of pliers and need something to do with your hands other than doomscroll Twitter on your phone.  As far as attaching things, I used a roll of Fabric Fusion tape, but you could sew things on to get all the strings the actual jacket has.
  • Patches: ETSY.  Etsy is a goldmine for patches and iron-ons.  I bought a few sizes of treble clef, and various music note configurations, all in gold.  The MUSIC shoulder patches appear to be some kind of easily findable template as well.
  • Shirt: Disgusting sateen-y gold thing.  Amazon has tons of these. I went this this one.  I hate it and it’s perfect.  I put some music notes-y Washi tape at Michael’s that is barely holding on to this slippery-ass fabric.
  • Pants: after not finding ANYTHING that looked like the Mr. Music pants from the Sack Lunch Bunch, when I put the jacket and glockenspiels in my Amazon cart, Amazon asked if I wanted to buy this BTS-ass suit which has what appear to be the pants?  Reader, I did it.  I did not think I was assembling this in full this year, so I split the purchases for this over a couple months

anyways I feel very proud about this, please notice this John Mulaney.

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